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All too often high school athletes undergo the violent blow that possibly leads to a concussion. It’s very important to note the symptoms are not just physiological. High schoolers may have to deal with psychological dilemmas that force them to conclude what’s more important; playing one more play that could cost them their long term [...]

John Niyo of the Detroit News recently wrote an article about NFL players taking concussions more and more seriously. Here is an excerpt of the article with a link to the full version at the bottom. Allen Park — Don Muhlbach, the veteran long snapper for the Lions, doesn’t remember his first — and only [...]

Arizona has taken the first aggressive steps of any state, in educating it’s youth on what concussions are, how dangerous they can be, how they occur, and how they should be treated. “Arizona is leading the next phase of concussion education and management. In August, the Arizona Interscholastic Association — following the April passage of [...]

Alexis Ball, a La Cueva High school valedictorian and former University of New Mexico soccer standout, once was unstoppable on the playing field and in the classroom. After earning top scholastic honors and being named New Mexico’s Gatorade Player of the Year at Albuquerque’s La Cueva in 2007, the speedy midfielder went on to become [...]

I found the article below today on It’s interesting to see the boxing world taking notice of the fact that strengthening the neck has positive benefits. It’s unfortunate, however, that their recommendations are so lame it’s almost funny. Training the musculature of the neck and head requires a great deal of attention to detail [...]

The Virginia Tech researchers responsible for the STAR rating system for football helmets have been using the same impact tracking technology on youth football players. The researchers collected data on their own football team for several years in an effort to track the number and force of impacts the players encountered during practices and games. [...]

Most of us who have played football, are completely aware of the day we received our equipment. Even in college I stood in line, tried on a couple helmets and picked one that wasn’t too dinged up and fit decently. That’s not good enough anymore and Gregg Easterbrook from ESPN has is informing us that [...]

First a brief point….We lift weights in order to reduce the risk of injury. If any strength and conditioning professional tells you different, they are either lying or have been seriously misinformed. Since we are participating in lifting weights to get stronger, lifting weights is obviously not supposed to be a means to a permanent [...]

Sandra Black, an ATC from Texas Tech University, examined a possible relationship between neck strength and concussions in Division I Football players. The results did not demonstrate a statistically significant correlation between the two variables. However, the body of evidence that she provides still makes an obvious case for the implementation of direct neck strength [...]

Watch this video on YouTube. Coach Carr took time to go over several points for reducing the risk of concussions and reducing the intensity of sub-concussive forces during play. Specifically, at 17:40 he speaks about one fundamentally proactive way to accomplish this. This is detailed perception of a greatly seasoned football Coach. Train Hard Adam [...]