Most of us who have played football, are completely aware of the day we received our equipment. Even in college I stood in line, tried on a couple helmets and picked one that wasn’t too dinged up and fit decently.

That’s not good enough anymore and Gregg Easterbrook from ESPN has is informing us that research from Virginia Tech University may be supporting this.

“For years, football players, coaches and the parents of young players have been in the dark about which of the many helmets on the market may reduce the risk of concussions. The NFL does not mandate helmet types, while many NFL teams refuse even to reveal which helmets their players wear. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, which certifies sports equipment, has been AWOL on the issue of helmets and concussions. There’s been no place for the player seeking helmet safety information to turn. Now all that has changed.”

Click here to read the rest of the article and to learn which helmets could possibly minimize the risk of a concussion. You may even find out that you or someone you know is using a helmet that is ranked very poorly.

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