About Us


Concussions in sports has become an epidemic, and each year, thousands of young athletes exposure their brains to G-forces that can cause damage. The mission of PreventConcussions.com is to help educate athletes, parents and coaches about concussions and what can be done to prevent or avoid them. We’ll never be able to eliminate concussions from sports, but there are certainly things we can do to help reduce the forces are brain encounters.

Two former college strength & conditioning coaches are behind this effort:

Jim Kielbaso MS, CSCS is the Director of the Total Performance Training Center in Wixom, MI where thousands of athletes are trained every year. Jim is the author of four books and speaks at coaching conferences around the country. He served as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at University of Detroit Mercy from 1996-2002 and has been the director of Total Performance since then. You can learn more about Jim at www.JimKielbaso.com.

Adam Stoyanoff MS, CSCS was a strength & conditioning coach at Bowling Green State University from 2005 – 2008 before joining the team at Total Performance. Adam played football at Albion College (MI) and has worked with thousands of athletes at all levels, participating in every sport imaginable. Having seen too many concussions and neck injuries in his life, Adam is passionate about spreading quality information about neck training to parents, athletes and coaches that will help prevent serious, long-term damage.

Here's Adam with the Rogers 4-Way Neck Machine

Jim and Adam are also co-founders of www.UltimateStrengthAndConditioning.com, one of the most comprehensive and credible sources of strength & conditioning information on the internet. Some of the top coaches in the world contribute to this site.