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As we’re continuing to provide information and proactive leads for the prevention of concussions; here’s a very informative article on how football helmet design is evolving to help reduce the risk of brain injury

Here are a couple paragraphs from the article by Patrick Dorsey:

“You need two things to have a concussion,” said Dr. Daniel E. Kraft, a specialist in concussion management at the Indianapolis-based Methodist Sports Medicine. “You have to have an injury, a force to the head. The second part of the equation is that you have to have a symptom of some kind … headaches, blurred vision, amnesia … . [It] doesn’t matter if it’s only one of [the symptoms]; you have a concussion.”

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association says between 43,000 and 67,000 concussions occur among high school football players each year, with research suggesting the number might be greater since symptoms often go unreported. A recent NATA study also showed high school players are much more at risk for concussions than collegians are, due to the level of physical development and improper technique.

Click here for the rest of the article on concussion prevention and proper helmets.