I found the article below today on HeavyFists.com. It’s interesting to see the boxing world taking notice of the fact that strengthening the neck has positive benefits. It’s unfortunate, however, that their recommendations are so lame it’s almost funny.

Training the musculature of the neck and head requires a great deal of attention to detail and proper progression. The neck is the last area of the body you want to train improperly because you don’t want to create more problems by doing things the wrong way.

Here is the article so you can see for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome that people are getting more informed about the benefits. The next step is teaching people how to do the strengthening correctly. We’re working on that, and there is plenty more to come.

Strengthen Your Neck to Take a Punch

There is plenty of evidence that fighters can “improve their chin” by strengthening their neck muscles.

If you think you have a weak chin or a glass jaw, bulk up your neck.

On the web, there are many folks who will advise you to do wrestler’s bridges to build your neck. I don’t agree with this idea. Wrester’s bridges are fine for wrestlers because they need to keep their backs off the mat to avoid losing a wrestling match. But for the rest of us, they’re the wrong exercise because they put major stress on the spinal ligaments and only work the neck muscles as an afterthought.

Here’s how to strengthen your neck so you can take a punch:

Get a long towel and wrap it around your skull. Then, have your training partner grab either end of the towel and carefully pull. You’ll have to counter this pulling with your neck muscles. Your partner is creating resistance and you are using it to train your neck muscles.

Or, use a flat resistance band for neck strengthening exercises. This makes it easy to get a good neck workout without a partner.

An alternative is just to use your hands to create resistance. This works well in the beginning stages. Later, you can invest in an inexpensive neck developer that will let you work the neck muscles against resistance provided by weight plates.