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I found the article below today on It’s interesting to see the boxing world taking notice of the fact that strengthening the neck has positive benefits. It’s unfortunate, however, that their recommendations are so lame it’s almost funny. Training the musculature of the neck and head requires a great deal of attention to detail [...]

First a brief point….We lift weights in order to reduce the risk of injury. If any strength and conditioning professional tells you different, they are either lying or have been seriously misinformed. Since we are participating in lifting weights to get stronger, lifting weights is obviously not supposed to be a means to a permanent [...]

Sandra Black, an ATC from Texas Tech University, examined a possible relationship between neck strength and concussions in Division I Football players. The results did not demonstrate a statistically significant correlation between the two variables. However, the body of evidence that she provides still makes an obvious case for the implementation of direct neck strength [...]